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Installing DataLinkAPP_Computer_Cups

The AquaCalc DataLink software is used to download, review and print reports of section discharge measurements from the AquaCalc line of discharge measurement devices.


DataLink’s main function is to download section measurements from the AquaCalc Pro Plus. It will now communicate with the AquaCalc Pro Plus and show a list of section discharge measurements available for download. DataLink also works with older AquaCalc Pros and AquaCalc 5000s, but not automatically, and with reduced functionality. AquaCalc DataLink is compatible with Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10 and later.


Installing directly from our website is currently unavailable (June 1, 2021).  Microsoft has made changes to the way some of the Microsoft components are installed when installing from the website. Please use the “CD / Offline Setup” files below, and carefully follow the instructions.

DataLink CD / Offline Setup files (v4.2.9)

AquaCalc DataLink can be installed using the “CD” installation files or offline files. The CD/Offline version cannot be updated via the Internet, it must be updated manually by downloading and installing newer versions.

You may need to manually install some of the prerequisites listed below. DataLink needs several components provided by Microsoft. If you do not already have these component, install the files included with the Setup.exe file. If these are not installed, you will not be able to view or print reports..

The following prerequisites are required:

You will need to manually install some or all of the prerequisites listed above, two of which are included in the compressed “zip” file. Not included is the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 (x86 and x64) prerequisite which will need to be installed using Windows Update if this or a newer version is not already installed on the system (consult your System Administrator). The Windows Installer 4.5 prerequisite is not needed.

Please read and follow all of the instructions:

  1. Download the AquaCalc DataLink 4 CD Setup compressed zip file from the AquaCalc website and save it to your computer. Click here to download
  2. Unzip the file by right clicking the file and selecting “Extract All ...” from the menu that pops up.
  3. First, Install the Microsoft® System CLR Types for SQL Server® 2012 (x86) prerequisite by double-clicking the “SQLSysClrTypes.msi ” file in the extraction folder above, and following the directions.
  4. Next, Install the Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 Runtime by double-clicking the “ReportViewer.msi ” file in the extraction folder above, and following the directions.
  5. Finally, Run the Setup.exe file in the folder that you extracted to. This will install AquaCalc DataLink onto the computer. You may receive a security warning of “Unknown Publisher”. This is expected.

System Administrators Note: The compressed Zip file also contains a Microsoft Installer (MSI) file “AquaCalc DataLink 4_x_x.msi” that can be used by System Administrators to install the AquaCalc DataLink application remotely. This does not install the prerequisites listed above, which much be installed separately.


Installing DataLink 4 from our website is temporarily unavailable. Please use the CD Setup method above


The following install method is temporarily unavailable. We are working to restore this functionality.

DataLink can be installed directly from the AquaCalc website and can check for updates automatically.

DataLink is installed and updated from the AquaCalc website using Microsoft Click-Once deployment technology. This often allows DataLink to be installed securely without “administrator” privileges for a single user in high-security environments . It installed into the User folder on a Windows PC. Each user on a computer will need to install their own copy.

Note: This NEW DataLink version 4 includes significant changes, affecting how the program is updated. Existing users with a previous BETA version will need to re-install AquaCalc DataLink from this page in order to have the new prerequisites installed. We recommend that you uninstall the older AquaCalc DataLink 3. Your saved data will not be removed.


  1. Click the Install button above,
  2. “Run” the “setup.exe” file when prompted or after it is download by your browser. Note: The “Publisher” is currently listed as “JBS Energy, Inc.” in the digitally signed certificate.

You may be prompted to install some of the prerequisites listed below. DataLink needs several components provided by Microsoft. If you do not already have these components, the setup program will download and install them automatically.

The following prerequisites are required:

APPBackCoverWithUSBCableDon’t forget the AquaCalc Pro Plus USB Drivers!


If you are using AquaCalc DataLink with the USB connection on a Windows computer with the  AquaCalc Pro Plus you will need to install the AquaCalc Pro Plus USB drivers.

Download the USB Drivers here.




DataLink Release Notes and Change Report

Version 4.2.9 Released 01/10/2018

AquaCalc DataLink 4 requires a reinstall from our website or from the downloaded Setup files. We have updated the development environment to accommodate a change by Microsoft requiring a new Digital Signature using the SHA256RSA algorithm. See below.

Version 4.1.0 Released 02/28/17

This is a new version! If you already have DataLink 3 installed you will need to install DataLink 4 from the website.  We have updated the development environment to accommodate a change by Microsoft requiring a new Digital Signature using the SHA256RSA algorithm. See below.

Version 3.7.0 Released 10/27/15


Version 3.6.0 Released 08/10/2015


No changes to DataLink proper. AquaCalc Pro Plus firmware version 2.2.4 was given Full Release status, no longer BETA firmware. This firmware update:

Version 3.5.0  Released 3/6/15


Version 3.4.0 Released 05/21/2014


 Version 3.3.2 Released 04/14/2014


Version 3.3.1 Released 04/04/2014


Version 3.2.1 Revisions


Version 3.1.1 Revisions

Section Graphs / Section Report:

Version 3.1.0.x Revisions:

Section Explorer screen:

Download Section Measurements Screen:

Settings Screen:


Minor bug fixes including:

Download the AquaCalc Pro Analyzer spreadsheet

The AquaCalc Pro Analyzer Excel spreadsheet can be used independently of DataLink to view and print AquaCalc Pro Plus and older AquaCalc Pro output files. The Analyzer can also be used to “fix” and recalculate the velocity and discharge values for section measurements that have been deleted from an AquaCalc. The Analyzer does not work with AquaCalc 5000 output.

The AquaCalc Pro Analyzer Excel spreadsheet is installed with DataLink. It is not necessary to download the AquaCalc Analyzer if you have installed DataLink.

The AquaCalc Pro Analyzer spreadsheets can be downloaded separately, it is not necessary to download and install the entire DataLink program if changes have been made only to the AquaCalc Analyzer.

After downloading and saving the new version of Analyzer to your hard disk (we recommend saving it in the AquaCalc DataLink program folder, or in your My Documents folder or a sub-folder), open DataLink and select the “Settings” button, and point DataLink to the new Analyzer file using the File Locations > Analyzer section.

Version 1.2.1 - January 2018 - Download

Update changes references to AquaCalc LLC and adds new output version number 2.1. This prevents an output version warning on Graphs sheet.

Version 1.1.0  - September, 2010 - Download.

Fixed Bug: Fixed problem with large measurements not opening properly in Analyzer. Expanded to 180 data rows. Added capability to open version 2.0 output.

Version 1.0.1  - April 17, 2008

Improved wall measurements handling in beginning vertical. Adjust Axis initially set to full width.

Revision History:

Version 1.0.0 First Release - February 20, 2008 .

AquaCalc DataLink BETA Software

AquaCalc DataLink 4 BETA version

Would you like to help us test a pre-release BETA version of AquaCalc DataLink?

What is BETA software?

Before we release software for everyone to use, we first test the software in-house here at JBS. this is called “Alpha” testing. We then ask customers to test the software to find problems that we didn't find. This is called “Beta” testing. Finally, we release the software to the public. This is called a “Full Release”, as is available above.

If you would like to test the latest features of DataLink, Click here to go to the DataLink BETA Install page.


AquaCalc DataLink Install

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