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An Improved Digital Retrofit for the Pygmy Current Meter!

AquaCalc LLC has developed a magnetic digital sensor for the Pygmy current meter. This retrofit has been designed to replace the “cat whiskers” that come standard on a Pygmy current meter. The cat whiskers are difficult to adjust precisely, must constantly be maintained, and can cause counting problems with electronic measuring devices.

Because of these problems, we developed the Pygmy MagHead. The sensing components of the Pymy MagHead are made with solid-state technology, with no mechanical parts to maintain, wear out, or break, and no reed switches to break.

Once installed in your current meter, the Pygmy MagHead is ready to plug into your AquaCalc. It can also be adapted to work with the USGS’ Current Meter Digitizer. 

The Pygmy MagHead comes complete with all of the necessary hardware to field retrofit your Pygmy current meter.  In less than the time it takes to tear down a meter for cleaning, you can have the Pygmy MagHead installed. 

The Pygmy Magnetic Head has been reviewed by the Hydrological Intrumentation Facility (HIF) of the United States Geological Survey (USGS). HIF carries the Pygmy Magnetic Head in stock for sale to federal agencies including the USGS. It can also be ordered directly from JBS.



Pygmy Magnetic Head

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