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      Contact Sales to Purchase AquaCalcs

      To purchase an AquaCalc or accessories directly from us, please contact Sales at:

      AquaCalc LLC Sales

      Phone: +1 916.372.0534 ext. 101
      E-mail:  sales@AquaCalc.com


    AquaCalc LLC Commercial Price List

    Attention: After a decade of holding the line on prices, we will be increasing our commercial prices in 2022.

    February 2022

    Prices subject to change without notice. Prices do not include applicable duties or taxes, or shipping and handling.

    Prices are in U.S. Dollars.


    APP with Current Meter and WeightAquaCalc








    AquaCalcs Include: Rod Mount, Current Meter Cable, Communication/USB Cable, Datalink Software, Instruction Manual, Protective Case, Batteries, and 1 year Warranty




    Pygmy Meter with PMH 2019c

    Replacement Parts

    (CMC-2, CMC-4)


    • Rechargeable NiMh Batteries for AquaCalc Pro Plus (4 x AA)



    • AquaCalc Digital Magnetic Head Sensor Cable Only



    • Data Cable (for AquaCalc 5000)



     (DMC-4, DMC-6)


    • AquaCalc Instruction Manual

    (APP-M1, AQ5-M1)



    More Cables and Accessories can be found here: Cables and Accessories

    AquaCalc Pro Plus Stream Gaging Kit AquaCalc Pro Kit 1024x768

    • AquaCalc Pro Plus
    • Wading Rod (4’) w/adaptor
    • Price “AA” Meter w/Magnetic Head
    • Pygmy Meter w/ Mag Head
    • Tag Line 100’
    • Waterproof Case
    • $6000



Need Accessories or Cables?

We have replacement parts and cables for the AquaCalc line of stream flow computers including the Digital Pygmy Magnetic Head retro fit your old Pygmy Current Meter with a new digital magnetic sensor.

Find Accessories and Cables here.

Contact Us

AquaCalc LLC - telephone +1.916.372.0534 E-mail: sales@aquacalc.com

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