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The following accessories can make using the AquaCalc easier.

Mounting Accessories

Rod Adaptor

This aluminum bracket, used with a Rod Mount, allows your AquaCalc to be mounted on the top-set rod just above the handle. This places the AquaCalc in an optimal viewing position. Requires wading rod disassembly. Instructions are included. RHRA-1


Pygmy Magnetic Head

This retrofit has been designed to replace the “cat whiskers” that come standard on a Pygmy current meter.

The sensing components of the Pymy MagHead are made with solid-state technology, with no mechanical parts to maintain, wear out, or break. PMMH

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Rod Mount

The Rod Mount allows your AquaCalc to be mounted to the top-set rod, leaving one hand free. With a Rod Mount, your AquaCalc or AquaCount can pivot up and down for the optimum viewing angle. Requires disassembling the AquaCalc case. Instructions are included. AQRM-1


Phone Jack Conversion for Wading Rods

This machined brass connector replaces two-prong connectors for consistently reliable operation. Requires wading rod disassembly. Instructions included. RHPJ-1

Magnet/Reed Switch Head

This magnetic head replaces whisker hair systems for a more precise meter signal. It’s a simple and inexpensive conversion for greater reliability. No special tools required. instructions included. RHMH-1

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