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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our most frequently asked questions.


You can get software, manuals and other handy items directly from our Download Center.

Updating AquaCalc Firmware 

Find out how you can update to the latest version of software for your AquaCalc Pro, AquaCalc 5000 or AquaCount.

Help for Developers / Sample AquaCalc Output

This section includes samples of AquaCalc output and help for developers wishing to import AquaCalc output into their programs, or interact with the AquaCalc or interact with the AquaCalc DataLink program.

AquaCalc Customer Support 

If you have problems or questions regarding any of the products we sell or support encourage you to contact us at AquaCalc Instruments.

Telephone customer support is available from our West Coast Office in the United States:

Attention: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Telephone Customer Support Hours have been reduced. If Customer Support cannot be reached by phone, please e-mail us. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Monday through Friday 10 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time:
Telephone: +1 (916) 372-0534 ext 102


Please use our Customer Support e-mail address if you have urgent issues outside of these hours.


Customer support e-Mail: support@aquacalc.com



AquaCalc Repairs:

Please contact Customer Support to obtain an Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number BEFORE sending in an AquaCalc for repair.

Important: AquaCalc will be changing the location and address for sending in repairs. Be sure to contact us before sending in your AquaCalc.

AquaCalc Repair Center
5716 Folsom Blvd Suite 405
Sacramento, California 95819

+1 (916) 372-0534 ext 102


AquaCalc Sales: sales@aquacalc.com 

Sales inquiries from customers or distributors can be made via E-Mail:


or by calling us at: +1 916-372-0534

Support Topics


AquaCalc LLC - telephone +1.916.372.0534 E-mail: sales@aquacalc.com


Need Accessories or Cables?

We have replacement parts and cables for the AquaCalc line of stream flow computers including the Digital Pygmy Magnetic Head retro fit your old Pygmy Current Meter with a new digital magnetic sensor.

Find Accessories and Cables here.

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