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William Marcus will continue to work as the Principal Economist of the new firm MCPM Economics doing the same type of analysis of utility economics, policy, and operations as JBS Energy has done.

MCPM Economics
618 Court Street, Suite C
Woodland, CA 95695


67 Third Street, Woodland, CA 95695 (please send Fed Ex and other courier packages to that address).

Phone (530)650-8261 or (916)708-6767.

Bill’s e-mail is bill@mcpmeconomics.com.

JBS Energy is closed.

After over 30 years of business, the economics arm ofJBS Energy, Inc. has dissolved and the JBS Instruments division has become its own company: AquaCalc LLC.

Founded in 1984, JBS provided expert testimony, economic and regulatory analysis of utility operations and rates, feasibility analysis for generation and conservation projects, utility systems simulation and modeling, water resource engineering, regulatory permitting, and information systems analysis and support.

JBS Energy, Inc. has dissolved.  It will continue to meet its obligations on existing projects but has taken no new work after November, 2016.  In the longer term, William Marcus will continue to serve clients on utility issues through the new firm MCPM Economics; Jim Helmich has retired, and JBS Energy’s other former employees will be finishing old projects on a contract basis and seeking new opportunities.

AquaCalc LLC - telephone +1.916.372.0534 E-mail: sales@aquacalc.com

JBS Energy, Inc.

Need Accessories or Cables?

We have replacement parts and cables for the AquaCalc line of stream flow computers including the Digital Pygmy Magnetic Head retro fit your old Pygmy Current Meter with a new digital magnetic sensor.

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