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AquaCalc 5000 Revision History

Advanced Firmware – H

H8c - November 2000 - Fixed bug for no velocity mesurement reporting.only 20 seconds. When taking a full 40 second measurement at a location with no velocity, AquaCalc would report only a 20 second meaasurement in the output file.

H8b - Added user selectable sensitivity to turbulent flow, reduces resets. Useful mostly with Pygmy meters. User selectable 4:1 or 8:1 timing ratios.  

H8a - Internal JBS version. Not released

H7 - Added New Standard 2 Rating Tables.

H6 - Minor bug fixes, including a random problem with loading station zero. Added clock diagnostic feature available to repair technician only.

H5 - Stable release for several years

Basic Firmware – G

G7b - User selection of turbulent flow ratio of previous time between clicks and current time (4:1 or 8:1)

G7a - Fixed counting problem introduced with G6. Added new counting algorithm that reduces turbulent flow resets. (2:1 timing ratio is not user selectable)

G6 - Added New Standard 2 Rating Tables. Introduced problems with counting.

G5 - Stable release for several years


Revision History - AquaCalc 5000

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