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Welcome to AquaCalc!

JBS Instruments is now a division of AquaCalc LLC and continues to manufacture the AquaCalc stream flow computer, a portable electronic device that automates the measurement of water flow in streams and rivers and canals, also know as open channel discharge measurements. The AquaCalc is used with mechanical current meters such as the Price AA meter and the Pygmy current meters manufactured by Performance Results Plus (formerly Rickly Hydrological) and Gurley Precision Instruments.

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The AquaCalc Pro Plus

This device is used by hydrologists and field biologists to make stream flow and open-channel discharge measurements.

DataLink3Screens2AquaCalc DataLink

The AquaCalc DataLink program is used to download measurements from your AquaCalc. This version includes the ability to automatically download measurements from the AquaCalc Pro Plus, review measurements using interactive charts, print reports, export to other file formats and access the AquaCalc Excel Analyzer.


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The AquaCalc Pro Plus includes rechargeable batteries, a USB connection, and an easier user interface.

The AquaCalc is the industry standard for stream-measurement technology using current meters, and is widely used by the U.S. Geological Survey, and hydrographers world-wide

Compare Cost and Accuracy with other Wading Discharge Measurement Devices and Technologies

When used with USGS style Price AA and Pygmy current meters, the AquaCalc is more cost effective, with comparable accuracy, to other equipment such as the FlowTracker (tm).

See the USGS HIF Analysis of Costs and Accuracy here!

When used with industry standard USGS style mechanical current meters, the AquaCalc is an accurate and cost-effective digital solution to stream-flow measurement.

This is the standard against which all other technologies are measured.


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AquaCalc Pro Plus in Big Stream Wading

AquaCalc LLC

is a Limited Liability Company (formerly JBS Instruments) and the designers and manufacturers of the AquaCalc for over 25 years.

AquaCalc LLC is managed out of its offices in Sacramento, California.


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We have replacement parts and cables for the AquaCalc line of stream flow computers.

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AquaCalc Stream Discharge Computer

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