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JBS Energy, Inc.
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After over 30 years of business, the economics arm of JBS Energy, Inc. is being dissolved and the JBS Instruments division becomes its own company: AquaCalc LLC.

JBS Energy, Inc. is dissolving.  It will continue to meet its obligations on existing projects but has taken no new work after November, 2016.  In the longer term, William Marcus will continue to serve clients on utility issues through the new firm MCPM Economics; Jim Helmich is retiring, and JBS Energy’s other former employees will be finishing old projects on a contract basis and seeking new opportunities. Click here for more information about JBS Energy. Inc.

JBS Energy, Inc. is a consulting firm specializing in economics, engineering and advocacy for energy producers and consumers. We help energy producers develop markets and determine the most practical, cost-effective means of producing energy.

We work with energy consumers to reduce energy use and costs both at their individual facilities and for utility systems, and we analyze the equitable distribution of costs to utility customers.

Founded in 1984, JBS provides expert testimony, economic and regulatory analysis of utility operations and rates, feasibility analysis for generation and conservation projects, utility systems simulation and modeling, water resource engineering, regulatory permitting, and information systems analysis and support.

The JBS consulting team is comprised of highly skilled economists, engineers and policy analysts. specializing in:

  • Electricity restructuring
  • Stranded cost analysis
  • Performance-based ratemaking
  • Customer service quality
  • Utility and affiliate activities in competitive markets
  • Utility revenue requirements
  • Cost-of-service and rate design
  • Renewable energy
  • Nuclear cost-effectiveness
  • Environmental aspects of power production
  • Power project feasibility and licensing
  • Load profiling and rate analysis
For special projects, we can call upon an experienced group of associates. Our clients include consumer groups, independent power producers, corporations, utility companies, environmental groups, and public agencies.


    Expert testimony on gas, electric, and telecommunications issues

  • Expert testimony on gas, electric, and telecommunications issues
  • Analysis of Restructuring mechanisms, stranded costs, and unbundling
  • Design and evaluation of Performance-Based Ratemaking programs
  • Cost of service and rate design studies
  • Cost responsibility for line extensions to serve new customers
  • Conditions for utility and affiliate entry into competitive markets
  • Load forecasting
  • Nuclear performance
  • End-user utility rate comparisons
  • Renewable energy alternatives
  • Integrated Resource Planning for electric and gas companies
  • Evaluation of utility customer service quality and operational issues
  • Utility production simulation, reliability modeling, and system cost calculation
  • Valuation of environmental pollution


  • Conservation, load management, and fuel switching feasibility analyses
  • Power plant feasibility studies and resource surveys
  • Project economic analysis
  • Preparation of bids and proposals
  • Contract negotiation
  • Permitting
  • Regulatory negotiations


  • Data base design and programming for energy analysis, bill monitoring, and other specialized applications.

AquaCalc LLC - West Coast Office: 311 D Street West Sacramento, CA 95605
phone (916) 372-0534 fax (916) 372-1624 E-mail: sales@aquacalc.com

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