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Testimony 2002
[Testimony by Year] [2002 Testimony]
  • Arkansas Public Service Commission (PSC) Docket 02-024-U.  Revenue Requirements, Cost of Service, and Residential Rate Design for Arkansas Oklahoma Gas Company.  August 2002.For the Arkansas Attorney General (AG).
  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Rulemaking 01-05-047.  Demographic Analysis of California Residential Users and Proposals for Surcharge Relief for Lower-Middle-Income customers.  August 2002.  For The Utility Reform Network (TURN).
  • Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (Alberta EUB)  Docket 1250392.  Cost of Service for Aquila Networks Canada (ANCA).  July 2002 For Alberta Federation of REAs and Alberta Assn. Of Municipal Districts and Counties (REA/AAMDC).  (joint testimony with Arnie Reimer) 
  • Maryland PSC Case No. 8920.  Embedded and Marginal Cost of Service, and Analysis of Tariffed Service Charges for Washington Gas Light.  June 2002.  For Maryland Office of People’s Counsel (OPC). (case settled)
  • CPUC Rulemaking 02-01-011.  Exit Fees for Direct Access Customers.  June 2002.  For TURN.
  • CPUC Rulemaking 01-10-024.  Procurement of Renewable Resources by California Investor-Owned Utilities.  May 2002.  For TURN.
  • CPUC App. 00-10-045 et al.  Ratemaking for Recovery of AB 265 Balances from SDG&E Customers.  May, 2002.  For Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN).
  • Arkansas PSC Docket 01-243U.  Revenue Requirements, Cost of Service, and Residential Rate Design for Reliant Arkla Gas.  May 2002.For the Arkansas AG.  (case settled)
  • Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUC).  Docket 01-11030.  Cost of Service and Rate Design for Sierra Pacific Power Company (Sierra).  March 2002. March 2002. For Nevada Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP).
  • Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (Alberta EUB)  Docket 1250392.  Business Risk of ANCA.  March 2002. For the FIRM Group (REA/AAMDC, Alberta Irrigation Projects Assn., Consumers Coalition of Alberta, Alberta Urban Municipalities Assn., Public Institutional Consumers of Alberta).  (this portion of case settled)
  • AEUB  Docket 1248859.  Transmission Congestion Management Issues. For the FIRM Group. March, 2002 (joint testimony with Eric Woychik)
  • Nevada PUC.  Docket 01-10001.  Cost of Service and Rate Design for Nevada Power Company (NPC).  January, 2002.  For Nevada BCP.


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[2002 Testimony]

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