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Testimony 2001
[Testimony by Year] [2001 Testimony]
  • Arkansas PSC Docket 01-184U.  Ratemaking for Ice Storm Damage for Entergy Arkansas, Inc., December, 2001.  For the Arkansas AG. (case settled)
  • AEUB Docket 1244140.  Article 24 Module.  Payments to Generators for Transmission Must Run Services.  For the FIRM Group. November 2001 (joint testimony with Eric Woychik)
  • Nevada PUC.  Docket 01-7023.  Revenue Requirements, Cost of Service, and Rate Design of Southwest Gas Company.  November, 2001.  For Nevada AFL-CIO.  (revenue requirements settled)
  • Nevada PUC.  Docket 01-4047.  Southwest Gas’ Rules for Switching between Transportation and Sales Service.  October, 2001.  For Nevada BCP.
  • Arkansas PSC Docket 00-190U (second phase).  Consumer Impacts of Electric Utility Restructuring.  September, 2001.  For the Arkansas AG.
  • CPUC App.  00-11-038 et al.  Department of Water Resources’ Revenue Requirement for Service to Utility Customers.  August, 2001.  For TURN. (formal comment)
  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Rulemaking 01-05-047, Testimony on Revising Gas and Electric Baseline Allowances. August, 2001. For The Utility Reform Network (TURN).
  • CPUC R. 01-05-047, Testimony on Revising Medical Baseline Allowances. August, 2001. for Disabilities Rights Advocates.
  • Arkansas Public Service Commission.  Rate Unbundling testimony in 2001 for four co-ops and three investor-owned utilities, where cases were settled without hearing.. January-June, 2001. For the Arkansas Attorney General (AG) Details available on request.
  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) App.  00-11-038 et al.  Ratemaking for Utility Retained Generation.  July, 2001.  For TURN.
  • CPUC R. 92-03-050, Rulemaking on Line Extension Policies of California’s Electric and Gas Utilities, July, 2001. Testimony on behalf of TURN.
  • CPUC App. 00-11-038 et al.  Tiered Rate Design for Emergency Rate Surcharge.  April, 2001.  For TURN.
  • CPUC Docket A.00-08-040, Meter Reading and Billing Practices of San Diego Gas & Electric Company.  April, 2001, supplemental  June, 2001.  For Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN).
  • Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUC).  Docket 01-1042.  Divestiture of Utility Generating Plants.  April, 2001.  For the Nevada AG, Bureau of Consumer Protection (BCP).  (testimony given orally). 
  • CPUC App. 00-07-001.  Marginal Cost and Revenue Allocation for Sierra Pacific’s California System.  February, 2001. For TURN. 
  • CPUC App. 00-11-038 et al.  Utility Financial Issues Related to Emergency Rate Relief.  February, 2001.  For TURN.

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[2001 Testimony]