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2000 Testimony
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2000 Testimony and Formal Comments

  • CPUC App. 00-11-038 et al.  Rate Design for Initial Emergency Rate Relief Request and Emergency Ratemaking for Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant.  December, 2000.  For TURN.
  • Arkansas Public Service Commission.  Rate Unbundling testimony in 2000 for 11 cooperatives where cases were settled without hearing.  (Two cases not fully settled are listed individually.) For the Arkansas AG.  January-December, 2000.  Details available on request. 
  • CPUC App. 00-05-024.  Benefits of Retaining the Palo Verde and Four Corners Powerplants in Regulated Service.   November, 2000. 
  • Alberta Energy and Utilities Board (AEUB) Docket 2000257.  Gross Margin and Marketing Expenses under Epcor’s Regulated Retail Rate Obligation Tariff.  October, 2000.  For the FIRM Group (Alberta Federation of REAs, Alberta Assn. Of Municipal Districts and Counties –REA/AAMDC – Alberta Irrigation Projects Assn., Consumers Coalition of Alberta, Alberta Urban Municipalities Assn., Public Institutional Consumers of Alberta). .
  • AEUB Docket 2000136.  Cost of Service and Rate Design for Atco Electric Distribution Service.  October, 2000.  For REA/AAMDC. 
  • AEUB Docket 2000258.  Four pieces of testimony by two JBS witnesses on Utilicorp Networks Canada (UNC) Distribution Performance-Based Ratemaking (PBR) Proposal.  (1) Economic Aspects (Indexing and Sharing). (2) Service Quality Indicators,: (3) Business Risk of Distribution Wires Business (also filed in Docket 2000136), and (4) Cost of Service.  October, 2000.  For FIRM Group, except cost of service for REA/AAMDC.
  • Arkansas PSC Docket 99-263-U.  Rate Unbundling for Southwest Arkansas ECC.  October, 2000.  For the Arkansas AG. 
  • CPUC App.  99-03-014.  Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E’s) Marginal Electric Distribution Cost, Revenue Allocation, and Rate Design.  September, 2000.  For TURN. 
  • Arkansas PSC Docket 00-190-U.  Consumer Impacts of Electric Utility Restructuring.  September, 2000.  For the Arkansas AG.
  • CPUC App. 00-04-002.  Gas Marginal Cost for PG&E.  September, 2000.
  • CPUC App.99-09-049 et. al.  Comments on Utility Demand-Side Management Programs for Program Years 2000 and 2001.  September 2000.  for TURN.
  • AEUB Docket 2000135.  Cost of Service and Rate Design for ESBI Alberta Ltd. Transmission Service.  August, 2000.  For the FIRM Group. 
  • Arkansas PSC Docket 99-249-U.  Rate Unbundling for Entergy Arkansas. Inc.  July, 2000.  For the Arkansas AG. 
  • CPUC App. 99-12-053.  Market Valuation and Retention of PG&E’s Hydroelectric Powerplants in Regulated Service.   June, 2000, testimony on proposed settlement August, 2000; further testimony December, 2000 after settlement collapsed. 
  • CPUC App.  99-12-024.  Ratemaking for the Decommissioning of the Hunters Point Powerplant.  June, 2000.  For the City and County of San Francisco.
  • CPUC Docket R.00-01-005. Costs and Ratepayer Impacts of Changes to Electric Utility Rule 20 Undergrounding Regulations. For TURN. (formal comments) April-May, 2000. 
  • Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) Docket No. 6630-UR-111.  Electric and Gas Cost of Service and Rate Design of Wisconsin Electric Power Company.  March, 2000.  For Wisconsin Citizens Utility Board.
  • New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (BPU).   Docket No. EX99090676.   Competition and Customer Account Services.  March, 2000.  For New Jersey Division of the Ratepayer Advocate.
  • CPUC App. 91-11-024 (1999 Rate Design Window).  Electric Marginal Cost and Rate Design of San Diego Gas and Electric Co.  (SDG&E).  March, 2000.  For UCAN.
  • CPUC App. 99-03-013 et. al.  Meter Ownership and Line Extension Options.  March, 2000.  For TURN and the CPUC Office of Ratepayer Advocates.
  • CPUC App. 99-03-013 et al.  Policy Analysis of Revenue Cycle Services and Energy Service Provider Fees and Charges.  February, 2000.  For TURN.
  • Arkansas PSC. Docket 99-251-U.  Unbundled rates for Arkansas Electric Cooperative Corp.  February, 2000.  For the Arkansas AG.  (Case settled).
  • Arkansas PSC. Docket 99-253-U.  Unbundled rates for Craighead Electric Cooperative Corp.  January, 2000.  For the Arkansas AG.  (Case settled).
  • Nevada PUC.  Docket 99-7035.  Cost Allocation Issues in Nevada Power Deferred Energy Case.  January, 2000.  For the Nevada AG, BCP.

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[2000 Testimony]