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1998 Testimony
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1998 Testimony and Formal Comments

    Alberta EUB.  Alberta Power Ltd. (APL) 1998 General Tariff Application Phase 2.  Cost of Service and Rate Design. November, 1998.  Generation costs and transmission costs for the CORE Group (six Alberta consumer groups)  distribution costs and farm rate design for two farm organizations. 

    Alberta EUB. TransAlta Utilities (TAU) 1998 General Tariff Application Phase 2. October, 1998.  Cost of Service and Rate Design. For the FIRM Group.

    Nevada PUC.  Docket No. 98-9038 and 98-8034.  Metering and Billing as Potentially Competitive Services.  September, 1998.  For Nevada UCA. (identical testimony filed in each docket)

    Maryland PSC.  Case No. 8791.  Jurisdictional Allocation, Cost of Service and Rate Design of Potomac Electric Power Company.  August, 1998.  For MPC.

    California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) App. 97-12-020.  Expenses and Capital Projects of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).  July, 1998. For TURN.

    CPUC App. 98-01-016.  SDG&E’s Cost of Service and Performance Based Ratemaking Proposals. July, 1998.  For UCAN.

    CPUC App. 98-04-031.  Transfer of the El Dorado Hydro Project from PG&E to the El Dorado Irrigation District.  For El Dorado Irrigation District (EID).

    CPUC App. 96-12-009 et al.  Revenue Cycle Service Unbundling.  April, 1998.  For TURN and UCAN.

    CPUC App. 97-10-014 et al. Generation Capital Additions for PG&E and Edison.  February, 1998.  For TURN.


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[1998 Testimony]