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1997 Testimony
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1997 Testimony and Formal Comments

Nevada PUC.  Dockets 97-11018 and 97-11028.  Unbundling Costs of the Nevada Electric Utilities. February, 1998 and December, 1997. For Nevada UCA.

Virginia Corporation Commission.  Case No. PUE960296.  Stranded Costs, Regulatory Assets, and Alternative Ratemaking for Virginia Power.  December, 1997.  For Southern Environmental Law Center.

CPUC App. 97-03-002.  Gas Demand Forecast, Marginal Cost, and Rate Design for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).  December, 1997.  For TURN.

New Jersey BPU Docket EO97070456.  Stranded Costs of Atlantic City Electric Company.  December, 1997.  For New Jersey Public Interest Intervenors (NJPII).

New Jersey BPU Docket EO97070462.  Stranded Costs of Public Service Electric and Gas Company.  November, 1997.  For NJPII.

New Jersey BPU Docket EO 97070459.  Stranded Costs of General Public Utilities.  November, 1997.  For NJPII.

Nevada PUC.  Docket 97-8001.  Structure for Unbundling Costs of Nevada Electric Utilities.  September, 1997. For Nevada UCA.

CPUC App. 96-07-018.  Impact of Closure of PG&E’s El Dorado Hydro Project.  September, 1997.  For EID.

CPUC App. 96-10-038.  Economic, Affiliate Transaction, and Customer Service Issues in the SoCal Gas-SDG&E Merger.  August, 1997. For TURN and UCAN.

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) App. 96-08-001 et al.  Analysis of Competitive Transition Charges for the California Utilities. May, 1997.  For TURN and UCAN.

Nevada County Municipal Court.  People v. Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) Authorized and Actual Tree Trimming Spending; PG&E Profits.  April, 1997.  For Nevada County District Attorney.  (testimony given orally)

CPUC App. 96-12-009 et al.  Unbundling Rates for the California Utilities.  February, 1997.  For TURN and UCAN.

Nevada Public Service Commission (PSC).  Southwest Gas Advice No. 346.  Cost Allocation for Purchased Gas Adjustment Case.  February, 1997.  For Nevada UCA.

Texas Public Utility Commission (PUC) Project No. 16536.  Unbundling Electric Distribution Functions.  January, 1997.  For the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF).


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[1997 Testimony]