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1996 Testimony
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1996 Testimony and Formal Comments

  • California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) App. 95-06-002. Southern California Gas Company's (SoCal Gas') Performance-Based Ratemaking Proposal: Indexing, Sharing, Residential Rate Design, and Customer Service Indicators. October, 1996. For The Utility Reform Network (TURN) and California Department of General Services (DGS for indexing and sharing issues only).
  • CPUC App. 96-08-001 et al. Stranded Cost Quantification and Balancing Account Issues. October, 1996. For TURN and DGS.
  • Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. Docket UE-960195. Stranded Cost and Other Issues regarding Merger of Puget Sound Power and Light and Washington Natural Gas. September, 1996. For Washington Attorney General, Public Counsel Section.
  • CPUC App. 96-03-054. Pacific Gas and Electric's (PG&E's) Proposed Modifications to Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant Pricing. September, 1996. For TURN.
  • California Energy Commission Docket 95-ER-96. Rebuttal Testimony on Rate Design Issues Related to Electric Restructuring. August, 1996. For TURN.
     CPUC App. 96-02-056. Ratemaking for Southern California Edison's (SCE's) Share of the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant. August, 1996. For TURN.
  • Alberta Energy and Utilities Board. 1996 General Tariff Application. Rebuttal Testimony Regarding Unbundling Utility Capital Structure by Function. For Alberta Federation of REAs and Alberta Assn. of Municipal Districts and Counties (REA/AAMDC).
  • OEB Docket HR 23. Ontario Hydro's Cost Allocation and Backup Power Rates. June, 1995. For Independent Power Producers Society of Ontario (IPPSO). CPUC App. 94-11-015. Gas Load Forecast and Marginal Cost of PG&E. June, 1995. For TURN.
  • CPUC App. 96-03-031. Marginal Cost and Residential Rate Design of SoCal Gas. July, 1996. For TURN.
  • CPUC App. 94-12-005. PG&E's Storm Response. May, 1996 For TURN
     Northwest Territories Public Utilities Board (PUB). General Rate Application (GRA). Reliability Criteria and the Snare Cascades Hydro Project. May, 1996. For City of Yellowknife.
  • Texas PUC. Dockets 15000/15001. Utility Generation Market Structure. March, 1996. For the Environmental Defense Fund.

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[1996 Testimony]