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1995 Testimony
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1995 Testimony and Formal Comments

  • CPUC App. 94-12-005. Marginal Costs and Rate Design of PG&E. December, 1995 For TURN.
  • Ontario Energy Board (OEB) Docket E.B.O. 188. Integrated Resource Planning for Local Gas Facilities. November, 1995. For Ontario Green Energy Coalition (GEC).
  • CPUC App. 91-11-024 (Rate Design Window). Marginal Costs and Ancillary Service Charges of San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E). November, 1995. For Utility Consumers Action Network (UCAN).
     Bonneville Power Administration 1996 Rate Case. Ancillary Service Rates. September, 1995. For Renewable Northwest Project.
  • CPUC App. 95-05-023 et al. Ratemaking for Customer Deposits. August, 1995. For TURN.
  • U.S. District Court, San Diego. James v. Southern California Edison. Case No. 94-1085-J. Impact on Ratemaking of Potential Outage before Commercial Operation of San Onofre 3. August, 1995. For Glenn James.
  • CPUC App. 93-12-025. Marginal Cost and Rate Design for SCE. June, 1995. For TURN.
  • OEB Docket E.B.R.O. 490. Cost Allocation for Ancillary Business Activities of Consumers Gas Company. May, 1995. For the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Coalition.
  • CPUC App. 94-12-005. Results of Operations Issues for PG&E. May, 1995. For TURN.
  • CPUC App. 94-12-005. PG&E's Customer Service, Phone Center and Disaster Planning. April, 1995. For TURN.
     British Columbia Utilities Commission. Electric Restructuring Hearings. April, 1995. For Columbia River Treaty Committee.
     CPUC App. 93-12-025. SCE's 1995 Rate Case Settlement. February, 1995. For TURN.
  • CPUC App. 94-10-023. Revenue Allocation for SDG&E. January, 1995. For UCAN.

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[1995 Testimony]