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JBS 1994 Testimony
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1994 Testimony and Formal Comments

  • Connecticut Dept. of Public Utility Control (DPUC). App. 94-04-01. Cost-Effectiveness and Alternative Ratemaking for Connecticut Yankee Nuclear Plant. December, 1994. For Connecticut Cogeneration Council (CTCC).
  • OEB Docket E.L.B.R.G. 36. Structure and Governance of Ontario Hydro International, Inc. November, 1994. For IPPSO.
  • Alberta PUB. Alberta Power Ltd. GRA Phase II. Cost of Service. September, 1994. For REA/AAMDC.
  • CPUC App. 93-12-029. Performance Based Ratemaking for SCE. September, 1994. For TURN and DGS.
  • Hawaii PUC. Docket No. 94-0079. Comparison of Hawaii Electric Light Company (HELCO) Cost and Enserch Development Corp. (EDC) Price Offer for New Combined Cycle Plant
  • August-October, 1994. For EDC.
  • CPUC App. 93-09-006. Marginal Cost and Rate Design for SoCal Gas. June, 1994. For TURN.
  • Nevada Public Service Commission Docket 93-11045. Marginal Cost and Revenue Allocation for Nevada Power. June, 1994. For Nevada Office of Consumer Advocate.
  • OEB Docket HR 22. Restructuring and Integrated Resource Planning at Ontario Hydro; Backup Power and Experimental Rates. May-June, 1994. For IPPSO.
  • CPUC App. 93-12-025. Results of Operation of SCE and SCE's Proposed Customer Service Charge Increases. April, 1994. For TURN.
  • CPUC App. 93-12-025. SCE's Demand-Side Management (DSM) Programs. April, 1994. For DGS.
  • American Arbitration Assn. Chaminade Ltd. v. Owl Companies. PG&E Rate Design in the 1980s; Cost to Chaminade of Electricity and Fuel. April, 1994. For Owl Companies.
  • Hawaii PUC Docket No. 7623. Need for Power and Cost of HELCO's New Combined Cycle. March, 1994. For EDC.
  • Manitoba PUB. Manitoba Hydro 1994/95 GRA. Diesel Zone Costs and Rates. February, 1994. For Govt. of Canada, Dept. of Justice.
  • CEC Docket 93-ER-94. Environmental Externalities, Nuclear Performance, Northwest Power Availability. January-February, 1994. For Independent Energy Producers Assn. (IEP).

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