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1992 Testimony
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1992 Testimony and Formal Comments

  • Maryland PSC. Case No. 8469. Cost of Service for Potomac Edison . November, 1992. For Maryland People's Counsel.
  • Yukon Utilities Board. YEC/YECL Capital Budget. Demand Forecast, DSM Program Design and Evaluation, Supply Issues
  • October, 1992. For City of Whitehorse.
  • Ontario EAB. Ontario Hydro Demand/Supply Plan. Utility Planning Concepts; Reliability of Non-Utility Generation; Uncertainty in Cost of Rehabilitating Bruce A Nuclear Station. September, 1992. For IPPSO.
  • CPUC Case 91-11-029 et al. Obligation to Charge Mobilehome Park Residents at Tariff Rates without Capital Surcharges. September, 1992. For Golden State Mobilehome Owners' League.
  • CPUC App. 91-11-024. Marginal Cost, Revenue Allocation, and Residential Rate Design for SDG&E. September, 1992. For UCAN.
  • Connecticut DPUC Docket 92-04-001. Avoided Cost, Resource Plans, and Clean Air Act Compliance Cost for NU and United Illuminating. August, 1992. For CTCC/CRRA.
  • CEC Docket 90-ER-92. PG&E's Reserve Margin and Need for Power. July, 1992. For IEP.
  • Canada/Manitoba Conawapa Environmental Review Panel. Electricity Scenarios to Scope Analysis of Conawapa Dam. July, 1992. For Sierra Club of Western Canada and Concerned Citizens of Manitoba
  • New Mexico PSC Case No. 2426. Residential Demand Charges and other Cost of Service Issues for Otero County Electric Co-op. June, 1992. (case settled) For the Alto Group of residential intervenors.
     OEB Docket HR 21. Economics of Rehabilitating Ontario Hydro's Bruce A Nuclear Plant. June, 1992. For IPPSO.
  • OEB Docket HR 21. Environmental Valuation and Dispatch . June, 1992. For IPPSO.
     CEC Docket 90-ER-92. Damage Functions and Evaluation of Environmental Externalities. May, 1992. For IEP.
  • Alberta PUB TransAlta Utilities (TAU) 1992 GRA Phase II. Allocation of Demand Costs and EEMA Transfers to Customer Classes. April, 1992. For REA/AAMDC.
  • CPUC App.91-11-036. Marginal Cost for PG&E. April, 1992. For TURN.
  • Arbitration before Hon. Edward Howell, Salem, Oregon. Attorney Fee Awards in Class Action Lawsuits. April, 1992. For Daniel Meek and Linda Williams.
  • CEC Docket 90-ER-92. Methods for Evaluating Resource Cost-Effectiveness. February, 1992. For IEP.
     CPUC App. 88-12-005. Residential Rate Design for PG&E. January, 1992. For TURN.
  • CPUC Rulemaking 88-08-018. Implementation of Gas Capacity Brokering. January, 1992. For DGS.
     CEC Docket 90-ER-92. Availability of Out-of-State Power to California; Nuclear Plant Performance. January, 1992. For IEP.
  • CPUC App. 91-09-059. Revenue Allocation and Residential Rate Design for SDG&E.. January, 1992. For UCAN.
  • CPUC Case No. 91-03-006. Analysis of Pacific Bell's Payment Processing Delays and their Impacts. Direct November, 1991, rebuttal May, 1992. For TURN.

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[1992 Testimony]