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California ISO Load Report
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The California Independent System Operator has suspended publication of Load data. Once they resume, we will prepare continuing analysis.


Load Report for February and March 2002

prepared by William B. Marcus

The California ISO's estimates of raw energy loads and peak demand both rose significantly in the months of  February and March 2002. Energy use of 17.12 billion kWh in February was up 3.8% from 2000.  Energy use in March was 18.47 billion kWh, up 5.0% from depressed 2001 levels (5.96% below 2000). 

California ISO Loads

Unlike January, energy use in February and March did not exceed year 2000 levels.  After adjusting for leap year in 2000, February loads were 0.41% below 2000 loads; March loads were 1.26% below 2000 levels.

California ISO Energy Growth from Previous Year

    Data from the CEC website suggests that weather adjustments would actually raise kWh loads in both February and March because weather was milder than average.  Thus, these increases do not reflect the full amount of the change that would result in a normal year.

    Peak loads were also up about 4% in each month.  The CEC's weather adjustments for peak were negative (pointing to lower peak loads) because the peak day was colder than the average peak day in each month.

     Energy loads for the 12 months ending in  March 2002 were 2.9% below the 12 months ending in  March 2001.  The significant conservation that occurred earlier in the year has now been offset with three months in a row of load growth in the 3-5% range.

California ISO Energy Growth from Previous Year

    The California Energy Commission has resumed its load analysis, which also considers weather and economic growth, including publishing March data on April 3. 


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