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Jim Helmich
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James E. Helmich, P.E.
 Principal Engineer JBS Energy, Inc.

James Helmich is a California registered civil engineer with 30 years of experience in energy economics, analysis and engineering.

Mr. Helmich received a B.S. in Civil Engineering from California State University, Sacramento, in 1973 and an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, in 1974. His Master’s work was an analysis of advanced gas cooled nuclear reactor structural design safety.

In August, 1984, Mr. Helmich became President and Principal Engineer of JBS Energy. His responsibilities include engineering, energy project economic evaluations and project management activities as well as corporate management and administration.

He was project manager and principal investigator for a study of energy efficiency opportunities for California state buildings in Sacramento and assisted in negotiating conservation contracts with the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.  He has conducted a number of technical and economic feasibility and operating cost analyses of small and large hydroelectric, photovoltaic and biomass-fired power generation facilities over the past 30 years.  He has provided engineering and economics expertise regarding the selection of the optimum combined cycle prime mover and overall plant makeup for a 30 MW cogeneration facility. 

He managed environmental studies, engineering design, power marketing and licensing for a major new hydroelectric facility.  He led a group of energy professionals investigating conversion of gas-fired boilers in schools, hospitals, and prisons to dual-fuel capability.  He analyzed the achievable commercial lighting retrofit savings for both Hydro-Quebec and Ontario Hydro, and analyzed the potential for natural gas Demand Side Management (DSM) in the residential and commercial sectors for the South Coast Air Quality Management District.  He prepared detailed electricity DSM analyses for the Yukon and later analyzed changes in the Yukon utilities’ cost structure in light of a 30% drop in demand after a mine closure.  He assisted a medical center in negotiating interconnection and power sales agreements for its cogeneration plant.  

He analyzed the cost effectiveness of capital additions at the Mohave coal fired power plant and at various other fossil fired plants in the SCE service territory.  More recently he has analyzed the cost effectiveness of keeping the Mohave coal plant operating in light of other power supply options available.

From 1975-82, he worked for the CEC.  He was first a conservation specialist and later the manager for the CEC’s cogeneration and small hydroelectric development programs.  In this position, he managed a large number of feasibility studies for hydroelectric and cogeneration projects.

In 1982, Mr. Helmich joined California Hydro Systems, Inc., as a senior engineer. He was responsible for feasibility and economic analyses of hydroelectric power projects, negotiating development agreements between project site owners and contractors, and assisting developers in obtaining permits and in negotiating power purchase agreements.



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