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Gregory A. Ruszovan

President AquaCalc LLC

Lead Technology Officer / Hardware Designer and Programmer


Mr. Ruszovan received a B.S. in Management Information Science from the School of Business at California State University, Sacramento in 1983 and an A.S. degree in Geographical Information Systems in 2011.

Mr. Ruszovan is currently the President of AquaCalc LLC, after acquiring the JBS Instruments division of JBS Energy, Inc.

From 2007 to 2017, Mr. Ruszovan was the lead technology officer in charge of product design and development, marketing, production, programming, and IT technologies for JBS Instruments and was responsible for the design and programming of the AquaCalc Pro Plus stream discharge computer and other water measurement instruments JBS manufactures. He also dealt with complex technical support issues for a client base of dozens of water agencies and thousands of users.


After joining JBS Energy in 1989, Mr. Ruszovan performed energy-related computer analysis of utility operations, energy data analysis, and major utility customer data base design and development and managed product development and support for the hydrological instrumentation.


He has experience in programming, including developing hardware to hardware interfaces, and developed and programmed the AquaCalc DataLink software used to download and review AquaCalc instrumentation. Programming languages and skills include Visual Basic .NET, Python, XML, SQL, and the creation of server based relational databases.


He has provided direct technical support, installation services, and software testing for a complex client server hydrological information system sold by JBS, preparing the training materials and traveling to customer locations to provide multi-day training for clients.


In his role as Senior Analyst on the energy related side of the business, he has built models to integrate analysis of hourly market pricing data and hourly load data for individual customers or customer classes, has performed detailed statistical analysis of economic and demographic factors affecting residential energy usage in California, and has provided analytical analysis in support of testimony before public utility commissions nationwide.


Mr. Ruszovan has filed testimony at the California Public Utilities Commission on gas utility weather normalization.


Mr. Ruszovan also analyzed the need for, designed, and programmed a large relational database which tracks energy related projects and contracts initiated by the State of California's Office of Energy Assessments. This system forecasts energy savings of the projects, and provides summary reporting of projects in progress.


He provides extensive analytical support during associate’s testimony preparation, performing data conversion, manipulation, statistical analysis, and result presentation using his training and experience in information presentation and display.

In 1993 he presented a paper at the Annual Conference of the Canadian Wind Energy Association, which details a method to value capacity for wind turbines using production simulation and analytical techniques. He has analyzed capacity value of photovoltaics, and written a report critiquing computer models used to evaluate photovoltaics.  He used production simulation models and built additional software tools to analyze cost effective emissions control strategies for electric generation in the Los Angeles air basin.


He completed a multi-year assignment analyzing the Ontario Hydro system for both cost and reliability using utility production simulation modeling. Nuclear power plants were subjected to in-depth modeling to analyze their impacts on Ontario Hydro system operation.


Mr. Ruszovan is also in charge of day-to-day information technology issues at JBS, including IT specification, installation, management and training, website design and maintenance, online forum creation and moderating, and Microsoft Exchange administration.


From 1984 to 1987, Mr. Ruszovan was responsible for evaluation, specification, bid preparation, and project management in installing lighting conservation in public housing for Ahmo Garden and Associates. As a principal energy consultant, he performed energy audits, prepared reports on energy use and potential savings options, and acted as the company's operations manager.


From 1987 to 1989, Mr. Ruszovan owned a computer services company. He performed statistical analysis, and project management services for local businesses and government agencies. He also administered the California Energy Bank program for the Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency


Greg Ruszovan

AquaCalc LLC. telephone +1.916.372.0534 e-mail: sales@aquacalc.com