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Garrick Jones
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Garrick Jones

Garrick Jones joined JBS Energy as an Economist in June, 2007.  Mr. Jones comes to JBS Energy with 3 years’ experience in environmental analysis related to the preparation of environmental impact reporting, where his focus and expertise was in energy issues with respect to transit and residential housing projects.

Mr. Jones received his B.S. in Environmental and Resource Science from the University of California, Davis, in 1998.  He also holds an M.S. degree in Resource Economics, from UC Davis.  Coursework for his M.S. degree included microeconomics (perfectly and imperfectly competitive markets, price discrimination, game theory, and industrial organization), resource economics (with an emphasis on nonrenewable energy resources), international trade, corporate financial management, futures and options analysis, investment analysis, linear and non-linear programming, and econometrics.

Mr. Jones provides analytical and research support on a variety of issues for JBS Energy, including utility return on equity, pension fund investments and returns, executive compensation, utility cost of service, and customer load patterns.

Before coming to JBS Energy, Mr. Jones analyzed the effects of electrified transit projects on statewide and regional electricity infrastructure as well as on the overall transportation energy budgets in the relevant service areas.  Mr. Jones performed similar analyses for residential housing projects.  Representative clients for these studies include the California High-Speed Rail Authority, the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District, the Orange County Transportation Authority, and the City of Orange, California, among others.  As well, in addition to overall project and document management, Mr. Jones performed project-level analyses of air quality impacts and prepared text for a variety of project-related issues, including public utilities and services, hydrology and water quality, and noise pollution.

Mr. Jones spent 2 years as a Volunteer with Peace Corps in Mauritania, West Africa, prior to his work on environmental impact analysis.  He served as an Agriculture and Forestry Extension Volunteer, and his work included farmer training, the introduction of a demonstration farm, and environmental education for women and children, among many others.


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